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DjonesThe most anticipated Conference happens October 8 - 10, 2019 

With online participation available, the 8th Annual Anti-Money Laundering Conference and Post-Conference Workshop is critical to ensuring that compliance professionals are fully aware of the developments in the industry and provided with practical strategies and discourse around solutions and responses to money laundering.

 A collaboration between the Jamaica Bankers Association (JBA) Compliance Committee and the Jamaica Insititue of Financial Services (JIFS), the seminar benefits from succinct and complete involvement of the banking sector, while uniquely incorporating the involvement of non-designated financial institutions.  The AML/CFT Conference therefore, is designed to be of specific interest to Compliance professionals across all industries, attorneys at law, front-line staff and internal and external auditors and has been found particularly valuable to not only the banking sector, but also Gaming and SME industries to name a few.

The two-day conference and one-day Post Conference Workshop under the theme Compliance: Navigating the Digital Landscape will be chaired by the experienced and knowledgeable Kalilah Enriquez Reynolds, Journalist, Media Consultant, Writer and Producer with Opening Remarks from Mr. Jerome Smalling, President of the Jamaica Bankers Association.  The keynote address with be provided by Dr. The Honourable Nigel Clarke, MP, Minister of Finance and the Public Service.   The first day of the conference will address topics such as ‘Bribery and Corruption and its links to Money Laundering”, the ‘Framework of AML/CFT Monitoring’, while the second day, with delve deeper into critical issues such as, ‘Terrorist Financing  & Sanctions from a regional perspective’, the ‘National Risk Assessment’ etc.  The Post Conference workshop will be on the topic of 'Onboarding & Monitoring High Risk Customers"

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This seminar offers the unique opportunity via sponsorship to reach over 250 top level industry professionals and is therefore an attractive opportunity for various local and international brands to network with this audience.  Our Sponsorship partners have included companies such as as Price Water House Coopers, the National Integrity Action Forum, Temenos to name a few. 

This year, we are offering the advantage of boothspace as an opportunity to further promote brands, allowing a deeper connection with the audience.

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Jamaica's financial services industry is making strides locally and internationally, in line with international standards.  Ensuring that our professionals are adequately and appropriately equipped to support the growth is a mission of the Jamaica Institute of Financial Services, our partnership with the JBA Compliance Committee ensures that each conference is cutting edge, focused, targeted and relevant to the financial services industry.


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8th Annual Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-financing of Terrorism Conference and Post Conference Workshop

Compliance: Navigating the Digital Landscape

October 8-10, 2019

The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel