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About JIFS

DjonesAs we embrace the new digital era, it is important for financial institutions and other organizations to understand how to properly maneuver this landscape brimming with both opportunities and unseen risks. Success will require greater collaboration,adaptability, effective management of risks, discipline to stay the course of our planned actions and continuous strengthening of the guardrails to ensure a robust and safe local financial system and, by extension, the world.

Managing and ensuring effective compliance has become more challenging and expensive for most financial institutions as well as other organizations as technology advances, regulation increases and the talent to manage it all becomes harder to find. As such, organizations must seek to collaborate through managed services which can be more effective and provide leaders with the confidence and flexibility to focus on adding value through innovation.

In this regard, adaptability is now a must-have skill for organizations, employees, and customers alike as entities refresh and retool to pivot to the brutal changes brought on by the global pandemic.

As we seek to tackle the risks posed by money-laundering and terrorist activities, our risk management initiatives and programmes must be bolstered to ensure relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency. Our plans must be reviewed and revised more frequently to benefit from the several opportunities that will present themselves from time to time.

Discipline to stay the course despite the unpresented challenges will be the adhesive that keeps our strategies in focus. As launderers, terrorists and other criminal elements launch countless attacks, financial institutions, together, must continue to implement cutting edge technology to ensure the security of all stakeholders.

The future, though uncertain, is vibrating with opportunities for organizations to successfully maneuver the money-laundering and terrorism risks from all sources by playing the right cards.

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JBA/JIFS 9 TH ANNUAL Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Financing of Terrorism  CONFERENCE

Maneuvering the Matrix: Playing the right CARDS
(Collaboration * Adaptability * Risk Management * Discipline * Security)

November 12-13, 2020