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Please see below the list of events at the 2018, 7th Annual Anti-money Launder & Counter Financing of Terrorism Conference and Workshop, being held at the Jamaica Pegaus Hotel, October 2-4, 2018


Tuesday, October 2, 2018 

The Meeting of Two Minds: 

ASP Gordon Ellison, Head Constabulary Financial Unit - FID

ACP Fitz Bailey - Fraud Squad- JCF


Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 10:35 - 11:30am

Great Expectations:

Mr. Graig Stewart - Head, Constabulary Financial Unit -  FID

Mr. Robin Whyte - AML Surveillance Analyst - FSC

Ms. Sandra Watson Garrick - Chief Executive Officer - Real Estate Board

Ms. Laurie Wiggan - Director, Compliance Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission


Tuesday, October 2, 2018: 11:30am - 12:20pm

Session 1: Challenges of Legacy Transaction Monitoring

Mr. Sven Stumbauer - Managing Director, Alix Partners


Session 2: AML Guidance for Real Estate Professionals

Mrs. Sandra Watson-Garrick - CEO, Real Estate Board



Tuesday, October 2, 2018: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Implications of Jamaica's Data Protection Act

Ms. Nicola Whyms-Stone - Legal Counsel - Group Legal and Compliance Division - National Commercial Bank Jamaica Ltd


Tuesday, October 2, 2018: 2:30pm - 3:15pm

Intelligence and Terrorist Funding

Mr. Shaun Mcleary, Dorwood Consultancy (UK)



Tuesday, October 2, 2018: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Update on Lottery Scamming

Mr. Dominick Riley, US Postal Inspector, US Embassy



Wednesday, October 3, 2018: 8:25am - 9:15am

They Sneeze, We Catch a Cold - Impact of Global Sanctions

Mr. Christopher Pryce - Member JBA Compliance Committee



Wednesday, October 3, 2018: 9:15am - 10:00am

Me and My Digital Self

Mr. Shaun Mcleary



Wednesday, October 3, 2018: 10:20am - 11:00am

Session 1: Bribery and Corruption in a banking context

Ms. Gal Levin - Criminal Justice Advisor, Panama


Session 2: Higher Stakes - Betting & Gaming Compliance 

Ms. Laurie Wiggan - Director, Compliance, Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission


Session 3: New Product Risk Assessment

Ms. Judith Romeo - Co-Chair JBA Compliance Comittee


Session 4: Against the Odds - Survival of High Risk Money Services Business in the Current Environment

Mr. Samuel Wilkinson - Consultant, Securities Commission of the Bahamas



Wednesday, October 3, 2018: 11:50am - 12:30pm

Practical Tips for Writing a STR

Ms. Susan Watson-Bonner, Financial Investigation Division




Wednesday, October 3, 2018: 1:30pm - 2:15pm

Overview of the BOJ 2017 Guidance Notes

Ms. Maurene Simms - Deputy Governor, Financial Institutions Supervision, BOJ



Wednesday, October 3, 2018: 2:15pm - 3:00pm

Cryptocurrencies - What Lies Ahead?

Gabriel Angeloro - Latam Connectivity Solution Product Manager, CITI



Wednesday, October 3, 2018: 3:10pm - 3:50pm

The Goldilocks Factor - Reporting to Senior Management

Mr. Dave Garcia - Group General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, NCB Financial Group Ltd




Wednesday, October 3, 2108: 3:50pm - 4:30pm

Aren't We Done Yet?  The Future of Compliance

Mr. Samuel Wilkinson - Consultant, Securities Commission of the Bahamas






Identifying Areas of Risk

Ms. Hope Wint - JBA Compliance Committee


Risk Rating Your Clients Based on the Areas of Risk Identified - Risk Rating Methodoloy, Defining the Scale to Be Used

Ms. Misheca Seymour-Senior- Member, JBA Compliance Committee



Undertaking An Internal Investigation In a Bank

Ms. Gal Levin - Criminal Justice Advisor, Panama


New Product AML Risk Assessment

Ms. Judith Romeo - Co-chair - JBA Compliance Committee


Assessing The Effectiveness of Your Risk Ratings Ongoing Review

Ms. Judith Romeo