Postgraduate Certificate in Bank Management & Technology (CertBMT)

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Postgraduate Certificate in Bank Management & Technology (CertBMT)


The Bangor University has launched the new Postgraduate Certificate in Bank Management & Technology. 

As an introductory offer, applicants can save up to 50% on fees for April 2019, if they are funded through their employer.

The NEW CERTBMT boasts:

  • Standalone Postgraduate Certificate
  • Study in 12 months
  • Fast Track Route to Chartered Banker Status and CBMBA


Programme Fees £11,000 with a 50% reduction available for April 2019


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Modules & Length of Study

CertBMT consists of 4 modules:

  • Professional Ethics and Regulation
  • Credit and Lending
  • Financial Institutions Risk Management
  • Financial Technology

Teaching is on a semester basis and spans two semesters each year in April and October. CertBMT can be completed in a minimum of 1 year of study. Students have the flexibility to study over a 3 year period.


Who should study the Programme?

CertBMT is aimed at individuals that aspire to middle to senior management roles and/or those who wish to demonstrate their professional knowledge and skills, and gain a recognised professional qualification.



The programme fee is £11,000. However, an individual who is funded through their employer will receive a 50% reduction in price. 


Fast Track to Chartered Banker Status by 2020

Group rates funded through corporate concessions price this Certificate Programme at just £5,500 per individual and is a fast track route to Chartered Banker status with studies completed early 2020.



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